2013 wedding trend prediction

i predict that the major wedding theme in 2013 weddings will be...drum roll...late victorian luxury, flapper style, art deco. by that i mean, rich colors (think aubergine, scarlet, royal blue) or all bright whites, thick velvet, chunky crystal, candelabras, lots of lace, fringe, graceful dresses (think claire pettibone), hairpins and tiaras. all this will be done with an elegant simplicity, it won't be themey or tacky. i'm sort of feeling a kinfolk magazine-type hipness layered with rich textures and an air of sophistication. 

i base my prediction on a few things:

  1. downton abbey's popularity will continue to grow especially with a wedding in season 3
  2. the remake of the great gatsby is coming out in 2013 (can't wait!)
  3. as we slowly climb out of our recession the comfy barn wedding will morph into a more sophisticaed affair
  4. my gut

a wedding like this one is sort of what i'm seeing but less obvious in it's theme. more like this one

Trailer: The Great Gatsby from Alta Peli on Vimeo.