ICYMI: Pantone color of the year

As you probably already know, Pantone comes out with a new color of the year every year. I never really got behind the whole "color of the year" thing until this year. For starters, these two colors remind me of the ombre sky at sunset which is so achingly beautiful I just want to sign Adele songs til the sun disappears. I want to live in these colors! Then, I watched this little video from Pantone, and I love the words that these colors represent: wellness, balance, tranquility, duality, compatibility, calm, peace. 

I would never say, "Ok, it's 2016, you should include these colors in your wedding because they're the 'color of the year,'" but I might say, "If these colors speak to you, if they represent the mood you want to evoke at your wedding, if they would bring you joy and set the tone for your married life, then by all means use them in your wedding!"

I'd love to hear your thoughts about the Pantone color of the year. Yay? Or Nay? Would you use them in your wedding?