Meet my new cat Sammy!

Oh my god, you guys, we got a new cat! As many of you know from previous posts about me, I'm a bonafide crazy cat lady. I love everything cat and have cat bags, cat socks, cat mugs, cat tea towels, cat picture frames, cat get the idea. My cats even have their own Instagram account! So, it's with absolute delight that I introduce you to our newest furry kitty, Sammy! 

We rescued Sammy from Another Chance Animal Rescue in North Berwick, Maine. He had been in the shelter system for over a month and was patiently waiting to get picked. My friend, Bree (another wicked cat lady) shared photos of Sammy on Facebook and I instantly fell in love! In fact, my husband and I were planning to get a kitten in the spring, but when I saw Sammy and felt this deep connection we knew we had to meet him. He joins big brother Felix and sister Bean to round out our trio of kitties! 

So, without further ado, here is our new ginger kitty, Sammy the Cat!

Leave a comment and tell me just how handsome you think Sammy is! :)

things i'm thankful for

this is a bit of a twist on the "things i'm loving" post in honor of thanksgiving. herewith my list:

my kitty cats - check them out on instagram (pretty much the only place i subject you to endless pics of my cats)

my sweet, intelligent, thoughtful, hilarious husband

my little riverside town - damariscotta, maine, baby 

my full time job - they allow me to take time off in the summer so i can perform weddings and match my 401k!

my photography teacher/mentor/friend - i love you erin

window inserts - non-sequitor

my mom's rutabaga casserole - this isn't my mom's recipe (or blog) but it's the best i could find

club med in cancun - it's where i met my husband almost 9 years ago

fun things to do in winter - or else i'd go insane

warm wool socks - trust me, if you live in maine you need like 50 pairs!

the lincoln county animal shelter - for taking care of all the pets who are looking for a home

what are you thankful for this year?