Why you should get married in Maine

Thanks to Chelsea, from the awesome wedding blog Tidewater and Tulle, for interviewing me and asking me all about what make Maine such a great place to get married. I met Chelsea on social media because we're both crazy cat ladies and both love weddings. When she came to Maine on a press tour I made sure to pop down to the beautiful Inn by the Sea to finally meet her in person. We walked down to sweet Crescent Beach just down the boardwalk from the Inn to do this impromptu interview.

I wish I could do every interview barefoot on a beach! 

A Sweet Start on Maine Wedding Buzz

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the wonderful Fausto from Blue Elephant Events & Catering for his Maine Wedding Buzz show. So much fun just chatting like we were in his living room! He asked some great questions which gave me the opportunity to describe my work and my approach to being a wedding officiant here in Maine. If you're thinking of working with me, this is a nice way to get to  know me (and hear what I sound like!). Enjoy the show! 

Happy holidays from A Sweet Start

I'm getting a little less nervous doing these, but it's going take some time before I'm singing karaoke or doing stand-up. So, I say one stupid thing during this one. I feel like one stupid thing per video is actually pretty good, considering all the stupid things I could have said and didn't. See if you can find the little goof. :)

Anyway, happy holidays to all you wonderful people who I get to call clients; to all you fabulous soon-to-be-clients; to my fellow Maine friendors (vendors+friends); and to anyone who stayed on this post long enough to read this. 



Your Wedding Song

Do you and your sweetie have a song that's "yours?" Like, that song that comes on and you gaze over at your love and make googley eyes and kissy-kissy sounds? I bet you can tell that Nick and I have a song! This is our song:

Here's a cool story about how our song was incorporated into our wedding day. Unbeknownst to us, Nick's best man, Jody, coordinated a fire pit sing-along in the wee hours of our reception. We gathered around the fire on that chilly August evening watching the sparks take flight into the trees above and then all of a sudden Jody takes out his guitar and says he has a wedding gift for us. He played and sang this song just as good as if Jack was there around the fire pit with us. It was such a sweet gesture and is a cherished memory of our wedding day!

So, what's YOUR song? Will you incorporate it into your wedding day? If so, how? I'd love to hear your story.