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in case you've been wondering where i've been lately, i'll tell you: twitter! i'm totally obsessed! i've started following a bunch of awesome wedding folks and love reading what they have to say. there are amazing ideas, photos, and links and it's all weddings, all the time! wohoo! so, feel free to check out my twitter page, where i retweet some cool stuff and post some of my own thoughts, observations, and inspirations. see you there!

1812 farm | bristol maine

photo: 1812 farm gallery

i picked up some food today for an event from the kitchen at the 1812 farm, headquarters of stone cove catering. it reminded me that i wanted to introduce you to this awesome wedding venue. the barn at the farm is a gorgeous rehabbed post-and-beam structure. with high ceilings, sweeping lawns, commercial kitchens, and bar, it's the full full package. it's the right spot for a couple who would like everything to be taken care of for them. it's full-service, baby. (don't worry, i'll have other ideas for those couples who want something a little less traditional.) ask for sarah or todd and tell them i sent you.

about me fun fact: sarah and todd catered my wedding back in '06. they did a great job, although, truth-be-told, they weren't my first choice (it's a long story that maybe i'll tell you someday). they also run king eiders pub with sarah's sister cynthia and her husband jed. good people, doing good things with food in midcoast maine. 

maine magazine - wedding inspiration shoot

ooh, i can't wait for february when the maine magazine wedding edition comes out! i love the idea of showing a different kind of maine wedding. urban and edgy. 

by the way, did you happen to catch a glimpse of the dj? well, that's dj jon and he ROCKS! he's amazing if you can get him. also, kate martin of beautiful days is fan-freakin-tastic! she did the flowers at my wedding and she's a true pro. and i'm very interested in knowing more about gus & ruby letterpress.

celebrity engagement rings

 photo credit:

okay, so i'm going to admit something to you. i have people magazine as my homepage. oh, you don't think that's so bad? well, i ALSO have a subscription! yikes! anyway, right now over at people online they're having a survey about which celebrity engagement ring you like best. i voted and thought you might want to, too. or at least check out the rings. they are gorgeous. i love molly sims's! which is your favorite? we'll call this "guilty pleasure sunday!"

survey results

drumroll please...and now the results of my super biased, non-random survey. i posted this question on my a sweet start facebook page, but not enough people were answering, so i shared it on my personal page. so the audience was pretty much weighted towards the kinds of friends i have, but that might be interesting, too. so here goes:

so that's 8 for notary public; 7 for religious figure; 2 for ordained friend; 8 for JP/judge; and 2 for other, one of which was elvis (as in, las vegas elvis!). are you surprised? 

what about you? if you're getting married, who is going to marry you? if you're already married, who performed your ceremony?


facebook questions: same sex marriage & weddings in vermont

i had a great question on my facebook page today. i was asked if same sex marriages are legal in maine. unfortunately, they are not. in 2009 our govenor at the time signed a bill allowing same sex marriages, but opponents petitioned for a referendum which they won and so the bill never went into effect. you can read the wiki article about what happened. i look forward to the day when i can perform marriages for any two couples in love!

i was also asked if i can perform marriages in vermont. because i am ordained by the universal life church monastery i can perform marriages anywhere in the united states. the only caveat is that the town you live in must accept my ordination. some towns have very specific rules on who can perform marriages so you'll need to research this before i can perform your marriage. if you live in a state other than maine and are interested in my services, let me know and i can help you do the research. i'd love to do a wedding in vermont! i'm from new hampshire and would love to do one there, too! remember, travel fees apply beyond 15 miles from damariscotta, maine. 

bridesmaids gifts, anyone?

woah, i came across high wire handmade and immediately thought of gifts. bridesmaids gifts to be exact (or momma of the bride/groom, or bride herself, or just because). the etsy shop is currently having a 20% off sale, so if you're really a plan-ahead type girl now's the time to buy. i love all the birds on the high wire, very clever, and check out the heart pendant above, love it! and wanna know the best part? the artist is in portland, maine so your purchase would support a local artist. it also sounds like the artist can do something a little more custom, which is cool. what's not to love? 

wedding movies

the wedding planner don't judge me, but this is one of my all time favorite movies. i've seen it a bunch of times and i love it. love, love, love it!

wedding crashers owen wilson and vince vaughn, need i say more? hilarious! 

27 dresses the movie isn't spectacular but the dresses are fun.

bridesmaids best. movie. ever. EVER!

father of the bride i haven't seen this in a while but i remember loving it. steve martin and martin short. so funny and touching, too. 

gee, this kinda makes me want to have a wedding movie girls night!