Happy holidays from A Sweet Start

I'm getting a little less nervous doing these, but it's going take some time before I'm singing karaoke or doing stand-up. So, I say one stupid thing during this one. I feel like one stupid thing per video is actually pretty good, considering all the stupid things I could have said and didn't. See if you can find the little goof. :)

Anyway, happy holidays to all you wonderful people who I get to call clients; to all you fabulous soon-to-be-clients; to my fellow Maine friendors (vendors+friends); and to anyone who stayed on this post long enough to read this. 




Choosing Maria to perform our ceremony was the perfect decision. She helped us form our ceremony so that it would be meaningful to us and our family and friends. We had a small ceremony, 11 people total, but I kept wanting to invite more because I was excited about how beautiful the ceremony would be. She guided us through the process of getting married and offered advice from her experience. We loved our ceremony and our friends and family continue to talk about how special and perfect it really was. A co-worker of mine is a notary and offered to perform our ceremony for free but I am so happy with Maria and her work. She gave us that special touch we were looking for, thank you Maria!



Maria was wonderful to work with. After our first Skype chat my husband and I both knew immediately she was who we wanted to craft our ceremony with. During our conversations she made us feel very comfortable, she was completely on board with the vision we had for our ceremony, was fun to talk to and loved our cat. Throughout the process of creating the ceremony she provided the guidance we needed to get to the ceremony that we wanted and provided the nudge we needed when we were procrastinating. Maria is fun, happy, loves weddings and is someone we’d love to hang out with again. In the end she delivered exactly what she promised, a beautiful ceremony that was exactly what we wanted.



Maria was an absolute joy to work with. We worked with her for over a YEAR to create our ceremony. Throughout the process she was responsive, professional, and warm. She always made the effort to meet us while we were in Maine so that by the time she performed our ceremony we had become actual friends. She is full of helpful ideas and suggestions not only for the ceremony, but also for photographs, decoration, readings, etc. Her passion for her profession is evident in everything she does. She is culturally sensitive and willing to incorporate new things into her repertoire, and she is endlessly patient. After meeting her once we knew we had made the right choice in having her officiate our wedding, and after every subsequent meeting only reinforced our decision. On the day of the ceremony she brought a calming presence with her expertise and preparedness. She did a phenomenal job with our ceremony and we couldn't be more grateful to have found her.



Maria made our wedding feel like a wedding. We already had a two year old and were in the process of renovating a house when we got married, so there were times when my enthusiasm for planning our marriage lagged. Maria always brought energy, organization, and a truly authentic belief that our love was something special and that our weddings day was going to be wonderful. Talking or skyline with her always renewed my faith in the day and I would hang up feeling giddy and excited to get married. The day of the wedding, she was professional, prepared, warm, engaging. She set the tone for the ceremony and all of our guests commented that it was one of the most meaningful, not boring, personalized, wonderful ceremonies they had attended. Having her as our officiant felt like being married by an old friend. We feel so lucky to have had her be a part of our day.